Chicken Mole w/ Green Beans
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Similar to most humans, I like food. I also like making food. Sometimes I even get into a zone where I’m rattling off recipes every other night instead of just throwing some pasta in a pot or unfreezing some vegetables or whatnot. Tonight’s project was a Mole sauce over chicken, rice and green beans. This has been a longtime favorite of ours now for years, clipped out of a Cooking Light issue circa 2001.

For those of you who’ve never tried it, it’s damn good. The sauce is very basic – throw one cup of chopped onions in a pan with some olive oil, then add one teaspoon each of cocoa powder and cinnamon. Next, add a half teaspoon of chili powder, then drizzle some sugar over it (not too much, yo) and top it with about 1/3 of a cup of chicken broth. Heat on medium until it thickens into a sauce, then add the beans and cook for like 3-5 minutes. Top off with some baked chicken and brown rice.

This recipe is painfully easy and really, really delicious. The chocolate adds very subtle sweetness to the meal – do not overdo that part. Give it a try. It takes about 20 minutes.

Moving on, it’s time for another installment of “drive traffic to RustedRobot by taking advantage of people who search Google for a certain young Hollywood actress.”

Translation: It seems Scarlett Johansen will appear naked on the cover of Vanity Fair this month with one of my old celebrity crushes, Kiera Knightley, who will also appear sans clothing (you can see the cover by clicking the link). Say what you will about Scarlett’s acting, but at least she’s not turning into a match stick like Kiera has. Yikes.