Meatballs, Cooking
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…..meatballs, that is. You see, I’ve never even bothered to try and make them, since my mother has a pretty good recipe. In other words, I’m not sure I could ever top it. But once you get past accepting that fact, then there’s no reason not to give it a try. It also helps to have the very best cookbook on the planet to help you along: Cook’s Illustrated’s The New Best Recipe is thee best $22.05 you’ll spend for home improvement this month. Trust me on that. And the balls? Everything came out great! I’ll have another couple of meals to think about it some more, too. Nice.

So, a little love for us music dorks now. Down there on the right you’ll see a new gray content box which tells me (and you) what bands get played the most on my ITunes player. It’s telling, because I almost always listen on shuffle, so it’s pretty rare I hammer on one artist. Look, I’m not much different than that guy from that book High Fidelity – always making music lists (less so lately, but still…). The company that does this list for me is called, and it’s a new web service that I believe has a real future.

Not only does it totally dork me out with my own music homepage, charts and all, but it will also match you up with other listeners whose charts are most similar to your own, which means – you guessed it – I can source new bands and even listen to them based on what my “neighbors” listen to and there’s a good chance I’ll like that new music since my neighbors and I both have similar taste. It’s like for music nerds, only we don’t have to, like, date. Totally kick-ass service.

Time for a meatball sandwich.