Two new things to point to on the blog. Just above the posts I’ve placed a Flickr badge, which contains six random photos from my Flickr page. Each time you come to the site, you’ll see six new photos. Also, instead of an email address, there’s now a contact form if you want to drop me a line. The link is located over there on the right, just below the About page. More changes coming…..

Last night’s dream: I was in a building and walking around, I don’t remember where or why I was there. A woman comes up to me, dressed in medical scrubs, and is slightly frantic. She tells me she’s an intern and can’t find any doctors that she knows to write a letter of recommendation for her. She then asks me if I would write her a letter of recommendation and claim I’m a doctor so she can get a job out-of-state.

What’s it mean? Anyone?