The Autumn Defense
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Tonight Boston gets a very special Valentine’s day treat: Wilco offshoots The Autumn Defense are playing in Cambridge. Back in 2004, I saw the band in both Chicago and Boston in the span of about three months and each of the shows completely floored me. It is, in fact, very rare that I’ll head into the city on a weeknight anymore just to see a band, but this band is so talented and so insanely good live that I won’t miss it, no matter what. Their live shows back in 2004 undoubtedly rank as two of the best shows I’ve seen – ever.

I also just went back and checked out my blog post from when I saw them last. I was so floored by their show that I wrote it up at 2am – I couldn’t wait. In that post, I wrote: ” I’m here to tell you that what I saw tonight might have been one of the best live shows I have ever seen in my life.”

Anyway, it will be perfect for a Tuesday night – mellow, sweet, catchy songs in a great little club called The Lizard Lounge, made all the better by the presence of my wife, who has decided to join. Happy Valentine’s!

By the way, why all the hubbub about The White House waiting 20 hours to release the news of the Cheney shooting? I don’t get it. I do, however, already love saying “The Cheney shootings.”