I haven’t been slacking, just been running around, you know? The weekend was actually great – I saw Bill Cosby do stand-up out in Northampton, Mass. It’s the first time I’ve seen him and you know what? The guy is still damn funny. I remember being a very little kid and my parents always had his records laying around and we used to just wear that vinyl out – and it was funny every time we listened. Go-carts, chicken hearts, Russell, the jello sheriff – those are all memories I cherish – just sitting around listening to those classics when I was a kid.

So it was great to finally see him perform live – kind of like finding an old, comfortable pair of shoes. Coincidentally enough, Cosby seemed to be wearing an old, comfortable pair of shoes. In fact, anyone unfamiliar with him would have thought he had been snoozing on the couch, then woke up and in a hurry made it to the theatre just in time. He walked on stage in a UMass sweatshirt, UMass sweatpants, a pair of birkenstock sandals and white gym socks! Not exactly a fashion statement, but it made the event all the more comfortable.

The best part was that he didn’t just come out and do his old stuff – it was an hour and 45 minutes of new stuff, some audience participation and one old bit (the dentist). What a night. I tried to snap this picture with the zoom on:

Speaking of Northampton, before we saw Cosby, we went to the annual Smith College flower & plant show, where I took a gaggle of pictures. What is it about flowers and plants that drives me to take many pictures of them? I am by no means a green-thumb, nor do I have any real interest in having a lot of flowers or plants at my house. I think it might be the colors – it makes me kinda look like I know what I’m doing with the camera. They have a room at the show called “The Jungle Room,” too and that shit was cool! You can tell in these pics which ones were taken in there.

Anyway, after getting home from the long day in Northampton (an hour-and-a-half drive), I had to get up at 5am this morning and get to the airport for a one-hour meeting in Virginia. I got the airport in plenty of time for my 7:10 departure, then got stuck in a security line and watched as the time hit 6:50……6:55……7:00……finally I begged the security people to let me up front. They said no. I whined. They still said no. I got to the machine, took off my shoes, my belt – the works. I walked through the machine nearly naked and ran up to the other side of the belt, put my shoes on (didn’t tie them), then raced, belt in one hand, laptop in the other, bag slung carelessly around my shoulder, to my gate, seeing 7:06 on the clock. I arrived at my gate, slightly panting to find that nobody had even boarded yet. We then proceeded to sit there until about 8:45am. All that for nothing. You know why we had to wait? You know why? Because the people who flew the plane the night before “forgot to shut off the plane” and it was dead. So they had essentially replace some main parts and test everything. I was a half-hour late for the meeting.

On my way home, I snapped this neat shot of Manhattan. Damn, I love flying.

So that was my morning. Get up at 5, fly to Virginia at 8:45, meet, leave Viriginia at 12:50pm, and come back to Boston. Here I am on my way home, tired……..