I have yet to watch any single episode of the TV show

“24,” yet everyone tells me I would love it. Why haven’t I seen it? I don’t know. The chance of me watching it at any time are pretty slim. This article didn’t help 24’s cause, either. I’m really starting to get into Alias. I can’t even imagine I’d like 24 more than Alias. Wait a second – if there’s 24 episodes of the show “24,” do 8 of the episodes just show Keifer Sutherland sleeping?

Does anyone remember “Dear Alex & Andy?” It was one of those little short-cartoons that ran just before commercials (like those Conjunction Junction shorts) and it was a kids advice type thing. Kids would write in and ask silly little advice questions and Alex & Andy would consult them. So they’d be helping the kid, but they’d also be sending a message to the kids of America to teach them a lesson, too. So noble. The problem is that I cannot seem to find anything about it online, which is odd. You can find everything online, can’t you? I’d be real curious to see any pictures or even some examples of the questions that were asked and the answers given. Extra credit to anyone who can find me something about that….

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