I had one hell of a day yesterday, lemme tell you. You see, the Red Sox had a game back in April that got postponed due to large droplets of water traveling southward from the skies, so they rescheduled it for yesterday. A day, of course, that was thick with disgusting humidity and temperatures somewhere in the low 90’s. However, I trudged over like a good little Red Sox soldier-fan and met my friend Dan, and we settled in for what turned out to be quite an entertaining ride. The Red Sox won 22-4. There were seven home runs, many errors, and one-half of a water bottle poured down my neck and back to keep me cool. In the seventh inning, with the score being 18-4, we decided to see if we could give ourselves a little instant seat upgrade, and whoa, did we ever. How about front row, right behind home plate? Again, Dan’s site clearly demonstrates just how excellent it was.

You think that’s all? Oh, no, partner. That’s not all. My close friend and former record label co-owners were in town and I haven’t hung out with those dudes for like 2 or 3 years. Man, do I miss them. After the game I met them at my palace and we had some dinner and then went to see SLOAN! And holy hell, did Sloan deliver the rock goods. Leg kicks, arm pumping, sing alongs and dammit did they ever kick out the jams. Seriously one of the best shows I have ever seen. It was almost like I wrote the set list or something, because they played every single song that I absolutly love. One of the better days I’ve had in my 31 years. Christ. 31 years.

And finally, finally, finally — someone took a good picture of me: