I had Neil Young & Crazy Horse tickets for last night at the Tweeter Center south of Boston. I had bought them the minute they went on sale and got super-great seats – 15th row and I paid almost $200 for them. You see, I’m no classic rock freak, but some of those artists are just undeniably time-tested and great and since I’d been thwarted in all my previous attempts to see Neil Young, this time I was dead set on going. Until we decided to buy a house and had to sign some paperwork last night. Regretfully, I had to post the tickets on Craigslist Boston – they were purchased from me and gone within 5 hours. I was upset at the time, but when I opened the newspaper this morning to find this review of the show, I was so relieved. You’ve gotta read that review – it’s short. I mean, really – lip-synching actors? A “musical novel?” 90 minutes of songs nobody’s heard yet? Only four songs that had been previously released? Come on! I can understand playing a few songs from a new album, but seriously? All those people who went must have felt totally ripped off. Give me a break.

Song now playing: Mike Ireland & Holler – “Some Things You Lose”