I’m having a little writer’s block lately. Normally when this happens, I’ll start writing a lot about music. See last week’s posts. But work has been particularly demanding lately and of course, the twin munchkins continue to take a lot of time. It’s easy when they melt your heart five times a day. They’ve learned kissing lately, so they kiss each other, they kiss us, they kiss pictures in books and they’ll blow kisses to just about any animal they see. This is, apparantly, that time everyone tells me about when they say “that’s the best age.” I agree. One of my boys woke up early from his nap today and I brought him downstairs, where he cried for about 10 minutes, then simply feel asleep on me. Oh, that was nice. So nice. He got another 30 minutes and I cat-napped. Pleasant.

Tonight I made risotto. The intention was to cut up onion, add some parmesan and then dump in a bottle of Pumpkin Pesto we got from the Stonewall Kitchen store when we went to Portland a few months ago. You can’t have risotto in the summer. That’s wrong.  So we waited. Now, here is where my wife rules. I normally would just take my chances and dump it all in there. She recommends actually trying some first before dumping it in. Good thing she did, because the stuff tasted like shit. It hurts to have a dump a Stonewall Kitchen bottle of anything, because that place is expensive. But we had to, because it was awful. So we did what any risotto lover would do – we just put a crapload more parmesan cheese in. Yum!