I don’t like it when you pick something up and then for the rest of the day, your hand smells like whatever you picked up. This ever happen to you? This morning I was making lunch for myself to bring to work, and I was making a ham & turkey sandwich, right? Now I can’t get the smell of friggin’ ham off my hands no matter how many times I wash them. This also happens sometimes with money, especially coins. If you handle coins for an extended amount of time, I can’t get that horrendous smell of metal coinage off my hands. Gasoline is another one. If you accidentally drip some gasoline on your hands at the gas station, it takes many hours before that stench is gone. But I like the smell of gasoline. Other things I like the smell of:


Those permanent big black magic markers

Candles in the Yankee Candle Factory

Freshly laid pavement

Rubber cement/glue (used to build car models with that….)

The soy protein powder I use

Yeah, I like smelling stuff. Lots of stuff. I really like to do that. It’s kind of insane, but it’s true.