It appears as if Ficemook hasn’t been around to offer her always interesting analysis of my dreams. But in case she is, I have another one. For those of you just tuning in, the sleep deprivation that comes with having twins has resulted in some crazy-ass dreams. Over the weekend I had one where my dad, my good friend Leo and myself shared an apartment and it looked suspiciously like the house I grew up in, but it wasn’t. My life was pretty much exactly like it is today – decent job, married, kids, etc. I was satisfied. My dad and Leo, on the other hand, had no job due to corporate layoffs. And they both had started doing work for the mafia. Next thing I can remember is that there was a huge party at our place and someone told me quietly that my life was in danger because of some shady things Dad and Leo had done for the mob.

Now – here’s the absolute best part. I was in my room, freaking out about what to do because I was enjoying my life and I didn’t want to change anything. Suddenly, Rhondella Richardson walks in my room. For those of you out-of-towners, Richardson is a local newscaster on Channel 5. Yes, this is nuts. Anyway, she walks in and tells me I need to get out of town and change my identity NOW if I want to keep living. I walked out into the party and ran into an old classmate, Rob Bashaw, whom I was never friends with (but was a likeable guy). He said “hey Jeff! Long time no see! How are you?” I looked at him and walked right by and behind me I heard him say, sarcastically, “whatever. I’ll catch up with you later.” The only other thing I remember is being totally pissed that I had to do all this because of Dad and Leo’s mob doings.

Okay, Ficemook, figure that one out!

Hey dads, ever drop a baby? Or totally freak out because you almost dropped the baby?? Remember, you can respond anonymously if you want! I haven’t done it, thank god, but it is one of my biggest fears.