Howdy hey hey. Finally back from Atlanta. It felt like a quick trip. Tell you what, Atlanta’s a much better town than I anticipated. The weather was perfect, my meetings went well and I kept busy. I also had a rental car, which I love. I just loves me the rental cars. I had an Oldsmobile Alero this time, and it was kinda stupid, because they have these ridiculous radios in them that self-adjust the volume depending on how fast you’re going. Their theory is that the faster you’re driving, the louder the “enviroment” sounds are. That’s just so damn wrong. If I want to rock, I want to rock, dammit. Let me control the volume. If I want soft, I’ll put Bread’s “Baby I’m A Want You” in the player (I do love that song). But don’t automatically turn down my Nada Surf!

Oh, check it out, I made my virgin voyage to Krispy Kreme and stuffed one warm, glazed doughut down my throat. I never eat doughnuts. I’m relatively careful about what I eat, in fact. However, everyone and their aunt always goes apeshit when they talk about Krispy Kreme, so I had to see what the shiznit was all about. It tasted like a warm doughnut. Pretty damn good, but nothing Earth-shattering.

Anyway, if you want to see what I did in Atlanta, go ahead and click your little mousey right about HERE and you’re off and running. I didn’t do that much, actually. Went to the hotel, had some meetings and I took a fantastic picture of Jim Edmonds at bat against Greg Maddux at Turner Field. Back on Tuesday, I flew into Atlanta kind of late and I was really tired, so I had to lay down for a while right in the airport. Luckily someone was nice enough to take a picture of me, in a very relaxed state, ahhhhhhh: