These days, I typically don’t comb the internet or scroll through hundreds of message board postings on any particular topic. Back in the late ’90s, I did have a devotion to a certain music message board, but my visits to that spot these days are limited to once every few weeks. I did some basic exploration when we found out my wife was pregnant, too. But for the most part, I try to avoid message boards like I avoid medical websites. No need to work myself into more of a lather until I see a doctor or an authority, you know?

Anyway, this morning I couldn’t help but click on the message board I saw on The Worst Fashion Trends of All Time. The postings are just priceless and had me laughing rather hysterically, running the gamut from horrific misspelling, funny observations, spirited back-and-forth and looking back at some fashion chestnuts I remember from high school or previous. Definitely worth some time to read a bunch of these.

Extra credit to someone who can name the song I reference in the title of this post (without searching for it on the web).