Hi. Recuperating for me has meant a CD making binge like never before! So far this weekend I made the following for Jeff…I’ve been mailing these out in batches of 4 so as to not overwhelm him (yeah, right). It’s been fun though…not much else to do except make music and lay down and relax while I get well.

Soft Boys compilation courtesy Matt Hickey

Mix CD courtesy of Garry Morse

Frank Black & The Catholics: Show Me Your Tears (SpinArt 2003)

Joe Mannix: White Flag (BongoBeat 2003)

Cracker: Garage D’Or (Virgin 2000)

Dan Baird: Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired (Def American 1992)

Cracker: Forever (Virgin 2001)

The Pretenders: Loose Screw (Artemis 2002)

Hayseed: In Other Words (Artist Friendly 2003)

Disgraceland: The Thundering Skies Of (EMI Australia 1998)

Vells: S/T (LuckyHorse Industries 2003)

Magnet: On Your Side (LuckyHorse Industries 2003)

The Sleepy Jackson: Lovers (Astralwerks 2003)

Big Star from #1 Record (1972)

Jeff has a couple of these, I know. But the ones that he has are often the perfect complement as the finishing touch on a CD…

Hey, rave on!