He’s baaaaack…

Pal Jeffro is back, healthy and very happy after his belated honeymoon in Hawaii. It’s bittersweet for me. While I’m glad my friend is back, I now have to move out of these beautiful digs I’ve been blog-sitting for the past ten days. It’s been fun. Well, I have this file called “blog ideas” that I’ll just have to dump here and now:

Looking for a big screen HDTV? Research tells me to spend the extra dough and buy an LCD by Sharp or LG. Plasma is cheaper, but LCD is the future. Due to some size limitations in my home, I’ve been looking at 37? models. In my opinion, the LG DU-37LZ30 is slightly superior to the Sharp Aquos LC37GD4U in contrast ratio and brightness, plus it’s about $1,000 less on average. Unfortunately, I can’t fit the LG because it has built-in speakers. Sharps are detachable. I’m going to wait a bit to purchase, though. LG is brand new to the market and will create pressure on other vendors to lower prices uh, sharply. Plus the worldwide manufacturing capacity for LCD screens is increasing dramatically. By summer, these things will be $2,500 or less.

Rock notes:

The sad death of the pop single

Rock is Dead, They Say?

Long Live Rock.

Water will become more contentious than oil in the next twenty years. China won’t have enough. You do the math.