Here’s a great article (but long) from the blog Daring Fireball about how Apple is not making the same mistake with the Ipod that they made in the computer business 20 years ago. While I’m not entirely sold on the logic behind it, it’s still a very worthwhile read, especially the part where the author takes a USA Today writer to task, which isn’t a difficult thing to do, but it’s still fun.

Personally, I think the IPod will win out in the short-to-medium term for three pretty simple reasons: 1) it seems to be the best product out there, 2)it works on Mac’s and Windows and 3) like Google, it’s built a seemingly insurmountablemindshare. The truth is that, functionally, the competing players out there seem to be comperable. But mindshare is a gigantic thing. Ask the people behing VHS and BetaMax.

In the long term, though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one all-purpose “super” device that does it all – phone, PDA, 40+GB music player, GPS, internet (and search) enabled toy. Someone will make it, it will have almost unlimited power and space, it will probably not be made by Apple and yes, I will buy it. Right away.

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