Here’s a few pictures of my trip last week. These pictures were taken in both New York and Philadelphia. There’s one towards the end, picture #7 in the set, that is taken in the Philadelphia twilight, and you can see the city in the background, but in the foreground I hope you’re able to notice that there’s a very large statue of a clothespin. Yes, a clothespin. Does anyone know the significance of this clothespin and why the city erected a statue of one? I’d be very curious to know. Picture #9 is not me, but I feel like the emotion it shows completely personifies what business travel is like – in fact, I believe this picture is the perfect microcosm. It’s the enjoyment you get out of being in a different place and seeing people you usually only talk on the phone with, but it inevitably ends up with a scene like this – alone, calling home on your cell and just wishing instead that that familiar warm body was next to you and you keep on wishing you could just press a button and – BLAM – instantly just wake up at home. That’s the look.

The last picture you’ll see in the set was taken in a rush – I woke up on Wednesday morning in my New York City hotel room to find the largest cockroach I have ever seen in my life, running around the room. If you want to know how to click the best pictures, get in touch with Andrew Defrancesco. Other than wondering what the hell must have been going on in the dark while I was asleep, I rushed to get my camera to document the roach, because when I turned on the light, that thing was going MACH1 trying to find cover or at least get the hell away from me. Because this picture was taken in such haste and I wanted to make sure I documented it, I just turned the camera on and pressed the button, so I wasn’t entirely in focus with this picture, but I think you can still tell how big it was. Nasty shit, my friends.

Here’s to the Florida Marlins for not only beating the Yankees for the World Series title, but doing it in dominating fashion, right in the heart of darkness at Yankee Stadium. It salvadges what should have been our season.

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