Here’s an amusing pattern of songs from the IPod the other day:

Nick Drake – “Place To Be”

The Price Is Right Theme Song

Pearl Jam – “Dissident”

How funny. I mean, how can you not laugh when you’re driving home from work in the car and you hear a Nick Drake song, then suddenly the Price Is Right song comes on? I love it. There’s a CD that contains a whole bunch of old-school game show themes, naturally I had to have that and it had to go onto the IPod, no question about it.

The sixth inning of last night’s Red Sox game pretty much epitomized the Red Sox as we’ve known them throughout the years. Up until the 6th, it seemed every player on the Sox was in a total catatonic state – their eyes were glazed over as if they’d just seen ALL of the Friday The 13th movies right in a row and each player seemed genuinely stunned that they were down in the series 3-0, had lost the previous night 19-8, and were down 2-0 in this game, having managed to only eek out 3 hits. Even Terry Francona, their weenie-head manager, was rocking back and forth even more than he usually does.

But suddenly they came to life and put up three runs in the sixth! 3-2 Red Sox! Even that didn’t fool me, though, it was way too early to think victory. Like a pack of robots, the Yankees came out in the next half-inning and went right back ahead 4-3 on three infield dribblers, the final one a ball in which Mark Bellhorn, oops, forgot to pick up off the ground. Unbelieveable.

But the Red Sox defied their typical logic last night – they ended up tying the game in the bottom of the ninth and sent ’em home happy in the 12th with a David Ortiz homerun into the right field bullpen. Typically, getting there wasn’t easy. I mean, I just about threw up when I saw that Francona summoned Mike Myers to come in and throw to Matsui, who could hit a molecule right now if you threw it at him. Of course, the vomit reached up to the top of my throat when Myers threw four consecutive balls about two feet off the plate to walk him and I swear Francona was rocking himself so hard he might have fallen off the bench and down the dugout stairs. Somehow, someway, they weaseled out of it, though, and pulled one out.

I’m sure George Bush has already vowed to get the terrorists who did this.

The new REM album sounds pretty damn good to me, by the way. Best one since Automatic for the People, for certain.

Song now playing: Bob Dylan – “Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat”