Had quite an interesting weekend. On Saturday night I went down to The Middle East (big Boston nightclub) to help celebrate the 21st anniversary of The Noise, a local music/gossip zine that everybody reads, even if they say they don’t. Well, part of the celebration was the gathering of some of Boston’s local musicians for a stab at performing the entire Led Zeppelin II album, and while it was wildly uneven, I’d say half of the songs were completely brilliant and right on target. It was hysterical, ridiculous, fascinating and excellent.

This is also a good time of the year to hit a Red Sox game, because they’re out of the race. Add into the mix that we were having shaky weather (on the verge of rain all day, it seemed) AND that the Patriots were playing, and you’ve got yourself some good choices for seating. We ended up sitting 10 rows behind homeplate. Some rich dude or corporation’s seats, probably. Thanks! I paid $24 for a $75 seat. Sweet. The game sucked, though. Sox lost 8-3. Yawn…..another season, down the crapper.

Then, at 10pm last night, I went to see I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, the new movie out about Wilco’s process for recording their latest album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Folks, if you’re not into Wilco or just marginally into them, don’t bother seeing it, you’ll probably be bored. And I can sum up the plot for you: filmmaker worships Wilco. Wilco makes an album. They practice for shows. They turn the album into their label. Label says “yuck” and Wilco gets dropped. Jay Bennett leaves the band. Jeff Tweedy pukes. They play a show without Jay Bennett. End of movie. I thought it was decent, I guess, but Jay Bennett’s new album still kicks the shit out of the new Wilco album, no matter how you cut it.