Greetings. Three solid stories for you today. I’m not feeling at all verbose lately, so I’ll let the links do the talking:

– I’m not sure if this is even true, but if it is, it’s pretty darn hilarious. It could very well be one of those Onion-type websites in the UK? Not sure. Either way, damn funny. Courtesy of my Howard Dean worshipping friend Clay Johnson.

– Read this “error page” carefully. Genius!

Finally, did anyone see Randall Simon’s clubbing of a mascot at last night’s Brewers/Pirates game? A truly classic baseball moment, never to be forgotten.

Caught the Jay Farrar/Anders Parker show out in Northampton, MA on Tuesday night. I’ll post pictures soon – great show. Anders Parker of Varnaline is such a monster talent. More later…..

Song now playing: The Kinks – “Big Sky”