Greetings from Chicago! I’ve not been lazy. I’ve been in Chicago, working. And stuff. More on my trip later, including two tremendous rock shows (one of which might have been the best live show I’ve seen in ten years!), but for now I have to sit here and laugh at the hotel I am staying in here in the heart of one of America’s finest cities. This hotel has a gym with a couple of floors, elevators and employees who walk around while you’re working out, offering you water. How can I not laugh at this? I wonder if they’ll actually work out for me? I would just sit there and watch while they use the elipitical, but I would get the health benefits from it. If the hotel could do that, they would. I should add that a co-worker of mine knew someone here and got us a super cheap rate. Crazy. More later……..Song now playing: The Lyres – “Love Me Till The Sun Shines”