You have to love this. I’m sitting here in Los Angeles, California this morning, after arriving here from Boston last night at midnight eastern time. I have a meeting today at 11am pacific time, then I get right back on the plane and fly home, scheduled to land around 1am eastern time tonight. Total time spent in California: roughly 19 hours, 7 of which were spent asleep and 30 minutes of which were spent at In & Out Burger. What time is it? Where am I?

When I return home, there’s a brand new Dell PC waiting for me. Nice. The process of moving all the files we’ve amassed on our current machine to the new one should be interesting. Does anyone have any suggestions on best way to do this? I bought a USB-to-USB file transfer cord, so I’m going to try that, but if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears. Or eyes. I wonder how long it’ll take to move the 30GB of music I have? Or all the photos I’ve taken over the past two years on the digi-cam?

On the much lighter side, I can’t help but laugh pretty hard at, which, as the name very well may indicate, is a site where people put stuff on their cat and take pictures. Hilarious.