Oh man. Lately I’ve been on a mini-addiction to graham crackers. Mostly cinnamon graham crackers, which are quite tasty. Trader Joe’s has a particularly good one, but even the regular brand ones in the supermarket are tasty as hell, too. Well, on a recent trip to Idylwilde Farms in Acton I came across a box that looked like one you’d find in Whole Foods – all natural, blah blah blah. They were $4.99. That was a lot it seemed, because the box was smaller than most graham cracker boxes. But we decided to splurge, thinking that we’d come across the utopian graham cracker (hey, that’s a good name for a band!).

Wrong idea! We got home, opened the box and to our horror, there were like 10 crackers! What a total rip off! We’d been completely had. Here’s the box inside the box:

Graham Cracker Ripoff!

There was almost two inches of open space between the top of the exterior box and the startof the interior box! Can you believe it? Actually, I can. We should have known better. And how were the crackers, you ask? Pretty damn good, but I’m never buying them again.