Music Post. I was cracking up in the car on the way to dropping my kids off at day care recently because they now know all the words to Neil Young’s “Cripple Creek Ferry.” So we all sing along and it makes me laugh more than anything because it’s quite charming. It’s also the first non-kids song they will know by heart and that makes me very proud. I will, of course, never force my kids to like one kind of music over another as I am a firm believer that you should love whatever music moves you, be it rap, disco, rock or classical. However, when they are this young I get to control the stereo and that is a very powerful thing! We also expose them to all kinds of different music already, so that’s cool.

Speaking of music, a couple of years ago I hooked into Blitzen Trapper and while I don’t like their newest album as much as the initial EP and full -length from a couple of years ago, there are gems to be had all around. This is their latest video, a pretty dark song called “Black River Killer.” It’s a good one that may stick with you. The interesting thing about the video is that they turned production over to about 120 people in Portland, OR to do whatever they wanted. The result is some fine filmaking with movie-like qualities.  How awesome is that for a indie band? Enjoy.