For the last month or so, I’ve been pulling my sleeve up over my hand when opening and closing bathroom doors. Don’t know why this new obsession has hit me, but it has. Naturally, I do not want to go into too much detail, but all I will say is that I have seen people exit the bathroom without washing their hands way too many times. Ewww. Of course, it’s inevitable that you will unknowingly interact with someone who does this, whether it be through a handshake or sticking your paw in a bowl of candy or a bag of pretzels, but I am now avoiding door handles when using public bathrooms. Gross. I always wash my hands. Always. You should too, it’s fun.

Quick music note: if you haven’t heard the debut of the 24 year-old Canadian singer Kathleen Edwards, do yourself a favor and get on it, because it’s pretty damn good stuff. The album is called “Failer” and if you like Lucinda Williams or anyone in that genre similar to Williams, then you’ll love this album. A great find.

Song now playing: The Replacements: “Talent Show”