I don’t know where the threshold is, but it’s somewhere around 17-18 months – when your kids start really running around and developing their personalities. Now, as every parent wishes, you hope you’ve set the tone for their temperament, but each human is their own sculpture – there’s only a certain amount of shaping for their genetics and their observation of you. So on Saturday night, we took them to a party and hope the best. What we found is that parties are very tiring. I was looking forward to seeing some people I hadn’t seen in a while. After attending this event, I feel like I still haven’t seen them, because the longest conversation I had was probably one minute long.

The rest of the time is spent following kids to make sure they don’t a) destroy something valuable in someone else’s house, b) kill themselves or c) harm another child. So the party was a success in that regard. In fact, I got true joy out of watching Zachary obsessively play a piano (a real one) for the majority of the night. Occasionally he would look up at me and just smile, then put his head down and keep banging on the keys. I got additional joy out of watching Nathan wave at everyone and smile. That was nice.

But, boy, were we tired. Parties are hard. I was jealous of the parents who have kids over, say, 5. They can just drop their kids on the floor and they all go play together or whatnot while the adults get to talk. Oh, it’s hard for them in other ways, I get that. I don’t think being a parent is ever easy.  But I do look forward to that time when I can just be at a party and do normal things like eat and speak!