In addition to carrying things, you know what else bothers me? When I have to wash a pan in order to use it. This little personality trait makes no sense at all. Occasionally, Steph and I will just run out of pans. In other words, all of our nonstick’s will be in the sink and the normal pans will be in the dishwasher. Then I want to cook something. So in order to accomplish that, I have to wash one to use one – an extra step. That totally sucks, because I know that a short time later, it will just be dirty again and need to be washed. Of course, the easy solution is to turn on the dishwasher, right? Oh no it isn’t. Because the dishwasher might not be full yet, and Stephanie can tell you all about my aversion to running a dishwasher that isn’t nearly overflowing with stuff.

So like I said, this makes no sense. What does it matter how much time passes between washing it and using it? Eventually you’re going to use it. What does it matter if it’s five minutes or five days after washing? I dunno. But it matters. I guess when I want to make some food, I don’t want to have to go through the extra time and effort it takes to have to wash a pan. Of course, I don’t get mad or anything, I just roll my eyes and mutter and whine. The whole thing is silly. Hey, I guess it’s “stuff Jeff doesn’t like week!”

So tonight Stephanie and I were watching the “7 News on Channel 56” (don’t ask) and a story comes on about two “security scares ” in Miami. One is about a suspicious package that was found as part of cargo on a cruise ship. That package was detonated and found to be some sprinkler parts. Then the news went on to explain yesterday’s story about the 3 Middle Eastern men who were detained at a Miami port, only the guy reading the news had a total idiot-attack and said “….and three Middle Eastern men were detonated in the back of a truck….” Well, we just couldn’t stop laughing at that one. Detonated. He probably won’t hear the end of that one.