Nothing really to report today other than pointing you to a fantastic new blog I’ve been reading a lot of lately. Flight Level 390 chronicles the life of Dave, a commercial airline pilot. What I like best about his writing is that he’s not bitching about his employer or telling stories about various drunken escapades in the seemingly endless amount of cities pilots find themselves in.

The writing is predominantly focused on actual flying and the issues that can come up during various stages of the trip, from pre-flight maintenance to landing and de-planing and of course, things that occur during the course of a flight. These are issues that we as passengers never really witness or even think about, but he brings them all to the forefront. It’s really quite interesting. As an added bonus, Dave occasionally snaps some absolutely superb pictures from the flight deck.

In the end, all we want (and rightly so) is to get on the plane, be as comfortable as possible, arrive safely and get off. These people make it happen and I encourage you to check out some of the writing here, as it may be a bit of an education, too. Good stuff.