Down there on the bottom right hand of my site is a list of blogs that I like to read. Normally, I just let those links sit there, but I have to give serious props to Rebecca St. Amand, who writes some of the funniest, honest and sometimes brutal stuff I’ve seen on the web – or anywhere for that matter. I highly encourage you take a look. I suspect you’ll bookmark it and check it daily like I do.

So far I’ve spent approximately $40 of the $50 bucks I found. How, you ask? Well, I’m happy to tell you! I spent about $6.50 of it yesterday at Au Bon Pan picking up a salad and fruit cup. Then last night I saw The Strokes and Sloan, and spent $2 on subway tokens, $6 on a cab and about $15 on dinner. I also picked up a gift for someone for $6.99. So there you go.

I know I always wax poetic about the sport of baseball, and the last two nights of playoff-ball at Yankee Stadium just confirm my opinion that baseball is the most exciting, throught provoking, graceful and comforting sport one could ever watch. Both of these games have been just packed with intrigue, great plays, clutch home runs, questionable moves and genuine edge-of-your-seat games. One of the reasons why October is my favorite month of the year. The baseball playoffs never fail to disappoint.