Foxy Tunes
Originally uploaded by rustedrobot.

One of the reasons I like the Firefox browser so much is because of the neat bells and whistles you can attach to it to make your computer life all that easier. For the geeks of the world, it probably makes them feel the same way as a mechanic who totally pimps out his car with aftermarket products.

One of these add-ons that has really made my life easier is FoxyTunes a free application (pictured above) that attaches itself to the bottom of Firefox and allows you to control your ITunes software right from the browser. If you want to skip a song, you just click the right arrow. You can pause, play and basically perform the most oft-used ITunes tasks. Precious.

Free-market innovations like this make Firefox a nice tool to have. I downloaded the newest Microsoft browser (IE7) last week and have been fooling around with that, also. So far I must give it pretty good marks – it looks as though this may have some open-source options as well, so I’ll be curious to see what kind of add-ons people will build for it. It’s a step in the right direction for sure, but I’m on Firefox for the foreseeable future.