Does anyone remember “Sniglets?” Sniglets appeared just about every week on an old-school HBO show from the 1980’s called “Not Necessarily The News,” which was a mock newscast put on by comedians, much like how The Onion is a mock news website/newspaper today. Well, there was this dude and I think his name was Rich Hall, and he had this little portion of the show called “Sniglets” where he would identify odd things or occurences and wonder why they were not defined in the dictionary. For example, one Sniglet I remember was “those two or three pieces of bread at the top of the bread bag that inevitably get mashed up because people reach for the middle pieces.” He then would create a word for it. See? Some of them were really funny. Or maybe it was funny because I was ten years old.

So, in the spirit of the ’80s, I have proposed a couple of Sniglets, although I’m not coming up with a word. Maybe you, my gracious reader(s), can come up with some. A little audience participation, maybe? Come on, dammit, show the love and play along. For those of you who don’t get it, you can click the comment button after every post and enter your innermost thoughts. So help me identify the following two potential Sniglets:

– Every now and then I peel off the top of a container of food and a whole bunch of food sticks to the cover. This is especially common in ice creams and hummus type containers. What should we call that food that sticks to the cover?

– Occasionally I’ll be eating food, or eating a hard-candy and this small stream of saliva will shoot out from my mouth – a very, very small amount, but the projectile is somewhat alarming and 100% accidental – and it’s not caused by food, it’s casued by the way your jaw moves or something, because it’s happened plenty of times to me without any food. Assuming this happens to other people, what’s that called? It’s not spitting because it’s not enough saliva.

Song now playing: Fu Manchu – “Burning Road”