Do you ever experience or do the following two things……

1. When I take a shower, I always have to keep a part of my body under the water because it’s nice and warm. Right? The second you step out of the stream of water, whether it be to grab a shampoo bottle, the soap or whatever, you know that feeling when that first blast of cooler air hits you. It simply sucks. So I always make it a point to keep as much of my body in the warmth as possible.

2. Springtime is when you’re finally able to stop putting layer after layer of clothing on. In the winter, I normally put some kind of t-shirt on under my regular shirt and tuck it in, then put a belt on. But now that’s it’s spring/summer (arguably!), I forego the t-shirt, theefore having no t-shirt to tuck in, but still the belt. The key point: the belt buckle is traditionally very cold, so the first time you bend over to tie your shoes or pick something up, that cold blast against my stomach is totally crappy.

Do these things happen to you, ever? Or am I just insane? Or both?

Underappreciated artist of the week: Tommy Womack. This guy writes some of the best songs I’ve heard in a long, long time. I have very specific memories of Tommy Womack because the record label I used to run came this close (picture me with my thumb and forefinger just centimeters apart) to signing him. I’ll never forget how disappointed and sad I was when we couldn’t release his terrific album in 1997 because we just didn’t have the money. Of all things……ugh. Anyway, Womack is not only a terrific songwriter, but he’s also an author who penned what might be the finest account of a rock band on the road that I’ve ever read, The Cheese Chronicles. If you even remotely like music, I guarantee that you will absolutely love this book and I strongly encourage you to get it. I might even give you your money back if you didn’t like it.

Finally, it was a pleasure to open this morning’s Boston Globe and see a nice piece on the great Joe Pernice, one of music’s greatest undiscovered treasures. Yes, I still get the daily newspaper delivered to my house and I read it every morning during my breakfast. Call me a creature of pre-internet habit.

Song now playing: Johnny Cash: “Tennessee Flat-Top Box”