Day of Days
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So, any of you who might have been thinking that it was all fun and games up in beautiful St. Helena, California – think again. Sure, we had some time during the day yesterday to play, but not before 4.5 hours of more meetings. We did have the afternoon to ourselves, though and I spent it with a co-worker and good friend playing my first round of golf since 1994. Twelve years have flown by since I swung a golf stick, and hoo boy did it ever show! I had a few nice little shots, but by and large played many holes east-to-west instead of north-to-south. We didn’t keep score, so I can’t really tell you how I did numerically, I can only tell you that it was well, well north of bogey. I’m thinking I may try to find a way to play again this summer or fall as I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

Today, though, was the day of days, as the title of today’s post indicates. More meetings from 9am-1pm, then it was a race against time and Bay Area traffic to get 105.6 miles down to Cupertino, CA for more meetings from 3:30-6pm. We made it there by 3:35. In order to be even five minutes late, we had to sacrifice lunch, meaning at 8:30am I had some granola and fruit and that was all until about 7:30pm tonight when we finally hit downtown Mountain View for some Vietnamese at the obnoxiously yummy Xanh. Tired + hungry = ugh. Finally got back to the hotel tonight around 10pm and it’s a 7:30am Jet Blue back to Boston tomorrow. Day of days.

Sidenonte: As I looked around Mountain View on my way in and out (first time there) I kept thinking the same funny thing: “sponsored links built this town!”