A couple of quick music notes:

– I found a really good music weblog yesterday called Burned By The Sun. Not only is the writing fun to read, but they’ve got some great links to other stuff. It’s what blogs should be about – helping people find cool stuff on the web. I wonder what will happen to all the content on the web after, say, 100 years?

– For those of you who are Elliot Smith fans, here’s a bunch of his live shows, each song from these shows is an individual download. Some great stuff here, including the four songs he did for a Kinks tribute in Los Angeles, two of which are a couple of my favorite Kinks songs, “Dead End Street” and “Big Sky.”

– You can listen to the new Wilco album, “A Ghost Is Born,” by clicking here. As is customary with all new Wilco albums, it’ll probably take a few listens to really get a grip on, but there are a few songs that jumped right out at me, those being the first track and the last track. There’s one song that’s fifteen minutes long. Totally unneccesary.

Finally, I offer you this for the weekend: