Click this and tell me that this isn’t a brilliant idea! I might have to rip thijs off directly and do it myself, in fact. The only problem is that it would just be me right now. But still, time passing by is something that I think about a lot; how incredible it is when you think about how many different people you’ve encountered in your lifetime – brief friendships, ex-girlfriends, co-workers…….you know? People you’ll never see again, but were a big part of your life at some point. Sometimes I wish I could get in touch with all of them and just see what they’re up to. My favorite English teacher from my freshman year at Kent State. A girl that I had a crush on in high school. A kid who used to come over my house and play in the 2nd grade – where are they all? What do they do now? What do they look like? Time just marches on…..and so it goes. Sometimes it just sad to think about……..