Notables and thoughts from the weekend:

  • I received a check in the mail from my mortgage company for two cents. That’s right, two cents. The net loss on the deal for the mortgage company was .39 cents, right? Maybe a little less if they get some kind of volume discount from the USPS. I stuck it to the man!
  • For years and years I’ve been wondering how on green earth I can get a spoonful of brown sugar after it’s inevitably turned itself into a mass more solid than rock. Well, the internet comes through again. Here’s the magic elixir: put a piece of bread in with the brown sugar. That’s it. The next day, it’ll be as if it was freshly purchased. Like magic, man.
  • Had my first of fantasy baseball draft yesterday. Two more to go this week. A possible sign of things to come was that I had to run and change one of the babies and missed one of my picks. So the computer drafted Orlando Cabrera for me, just a couple rounds after I had taken Michael Young. Crud. Oh well.
  • Last night’s episode of 60 Minutes was a terrific hour of television. I regret I didn’t watch this show more when I was younger. Anyway, last night’s edition featured two stories, one about Dennis Quaid and his wife’s newborn twins, who were mistakenly given 1,000X the dose of a blood thinner. It was a hospital error which effectively turned their newborns blood into water. Now, people make mistakes, but this one was especially horrible because it passed through THREE people’s hands before it went into the babies bodies. That one hit me on a personal level. The other story explored how important sleep is. Seems the magic number for sleep is 7.5 hours. If you get that, or more, your memory improves, your cognitive abilities improve and just about everything else about you is better for it. They found that it took about six days of sleeping less than five hours each night for a person to be in the pre-stages of Type 2 diabetes. Wow. A fascinating story.
  • Ever since the twins came and started sleeping through the night, I get about 8 hours of sleep nightly now. I HAVE to have it. Before the babies, I was getting 5-6. How much sleep do you get?

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