I hang on Lefsetz’s words now. I check Bloglines too much anyway, but whenever I do, I’m hoping beyond hope he’s posted a new diatribe. His post tonight is so righteous and spot on that it makes me insanely jealous that I can’t articulate it like he can. I read his stuff and I think to myself, “Copetas, you are a shit writer.”

His post tonight is about the ITunes Music Store and I couldn’t agree more. Just look at this quote:

“Then stop buying into the hype. Ignore ridiculous pronouncements of well-endowed vaporware and get down in the pit with the proletariat. Eighty million people have iPods, not because they’re tied to the iTunes Music Store, but because they work best. Most people fill their iPods with music they’ve acquired anywhere BUT the iTunes Music Store. It’s a circle jerk to see the iTunes Music Store as the future of acquisition and it’s even more of a circle jerk to believe you can deliver less, for INCOMPATIBLE DEVICES, and people will want these new services more.

A lot of unprotected music for a low price that you own permanently. This is the only solution. To think otherwise is to be ignorant.”

The bolding is my doing. Right on, baby!! Right on the nose!!!!