A cruise through this morning’s Globe and other randomness:

  • I knew bees were industrious and helpful for certain crops and all, but I had no idea that a) there’s such a worsening shortage of some of the best “workers” and b) that beekeeping is such a serious business. This very interesting piece in this morning’s paper provides interesting reading. I guess I always thought that beekeeping was just a hobby. I can tell you this much: I will never be a beekeeper, you can take that to the bank. Steph always has a good laugh about my reaction to bees. It’s a combination of running, extreme fear and that dance that Elaine Benes did on Seinfeld.
  • I may have to either watch or Tivo this tonight. It’s probably no secret that I’m not exactly a fan of the current administration in Washington, D.C., so I’m very interested in seeing what Frontline’s done with this. I do wish they’d devote some time to “the other side” just to see how they’d try to squirm their way out of some of the stuff that will come out of this, but oh well.
  • I played hockey last night, so I ended up starting Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals at about 10:30 pm via the DVR. By 12:15, the question was answered: the Carolina Hurricanes had won it. I’ll give you one guess who I was cheering for: NOT the Carolina Hurricanes. In the end, I like both teams, but seeing Glen Wesley lift the cup over his head, that hurts just a little. He probably deserves it and he’s probably a nice guy and all, but all I can ever think of when I see Glen Wesley is the gaping, wide open net he had in the first overtime of Game 1 of the 1990 Cup finals when he was with Boston – he missed it and the Bruins went on to lose in three overtimes. That image is burned in my mind forever.
  • Cool to see Britt Daniel (from Spoon) write about his top 12 EMusic albums this morning. I couldn’t agree more about Pavement’s “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.” In fact, we’re kindred souls on the comment he makes about “Unfair.” I distinctly remember playing that song over and over on many occasions.
  • I guess I’m glad I’m not this crazy about the World Cup. Although, that USA-Italy game on Saturday did have my rapt attention.