OK, so a week or two ago I mentioned that my wife Stephanie has made the claim on several occasions that back in high school, I possessed a mullet. While I can never flatly deny this, my retort has always been that my hair may have toed the mullet line, but an argument could probably be made that I didn’t. It’s close. So let’s put the vote out there to you, my reader(s):

Mullet or no mullet? In this picture, taken during the early part of my senior year, I personally don’t detect a mullet of any sort. It seems more like a solid, full head of Greek hair to me. However, let’s dig a little deeper into the high school yearbook and examine this one:

This is a picture of the three tri-captains of the hockey team, plus our coach. That’s me on the right. Clearly my hair is getting closer to the mullet line in this picture, but again, an argument can be made that no mullet exists except for the other two captains, who clearly are mulleted. And who is that dork on the left, anyway?I think where it might have gone all wrong for me was my first year in college at Kent State in Ohio. It was 1990, arguably the height of mullet-mania. Evidence clearly exists here that I was treading in deeper water, but this is probably as bad as it got.

So, there you have it. While I will readily admit that I probably, at one point or another, could have been mistakenly looped into the mullet club, I remain marginally adamant that I was just knocking on the door to the house party. I was never actually at the party, you see. Put in your votes.