Awwww……a nice story with an annoying modern-day twist.

This high school basketball player, LeBron James. Geez, where do I start? Let me say this – if I was a 17 or 18 year-old kid and I knew that in just a few months I would be the top pick in a professional sports draft and an instant multi-millionaire, I would do nothing to jeopardize that, and that means not playing for my high school team anymore. Unsportmanlike? Maybe. Selfish? Probably. But you see, if I was in line for that kind of money, and the chance to distribute some of that money to my parents, my siblings, and eventually my own children, and to make their lives better, you bet I’d be selfish. And if I had a chance to play a pro sport, you can bet anything that I would not risk any injury until the day I am drafted, because professional sports will chew you up and spit you out before you even don a uniform. Hello, Willis McGahee.

Got my Red Sox tickets. 8 games. Four of those games will be spent in the front row out in bleachers, right behind the Red Sox bullpen. That will rule!

Finally, last night’s episode of Joe Millionaire finally sealed the deal for me: I have wasted a lot of time watching this garbage. The guy is just such a dumb-ass. Last night he asked a woman, mistakenly, “did you get that breast in Paris?” He meant to say “dress.” Of course, I won’t stop watching American Idol because I’ve got five bucks riding on Frenchie.