At a recent work trip to Chicago, I found myself, somewhat inexplicably, staying in The Four Seasons. You see, a co-worker had some kind of personal connection and we got like 65% off the “public price.” Normally, I shy away from the chains and stay in hotels like this one, which have far more character than the culturally devoid chains. But when given the opportunity to represent (yo) in The Four Seasons, as Mick Jagger once said, you gotta move.

This leads me to today’s post, which is about soap. And shampoo. The Four Seasons had what I believe to be the best soap and shampoo ever created. I wrote down the brands of the shampoo, shower gels and conditioners (not the soap, though) and took whatever was remaining in the room. Last week, I ran out of everything and now I’m back to using, like, Dove. Or Finesse. Those brands are fine in their own right, I’ve never been terribly picky about such things, but these Four Seasons offerings were just too good.

So I got on the phone last week and called the hotel and let them know that I loved thier soap and asked if they could please give me the brand and flavor, etc etc. Not only did they do that, they actually offered to send me some in the mail. I was like, “wait – for free?” She was like “of course. I’ll send you some today.” I was like “I don’t have to pay anything?” and she said “nope. I’ll send them today.”

What a racket! I wonder if I can call ALL the Four Seasons now and get my soap for free? Just yesterday a FedEx package came for me, and sure enough I open the box and there’s 10 bars of the soap! 5 full-size bars and 5 half-size. Can you even believe it? Can you even believe I am so fired up about soap?

I’m off to call the Four Seasons in Washington DC to see if I can get some free shampoo now….heh. By the way, here’s the soap I speak of.

Song now playing: The Cars: “Moving In Stereo” (always think of Phoebe Cates when I hear this)