As I was flying into Boston’s Logan Airport on Friday night, the plane touched down and I looked out the window as we were taxi-ing towards the gate. I noticed that FedEx pretty much has thier own terminal, planes and gates. It made me think about what a FedEx flight is like, and then, as is my customary ridiculous imagination, I envisioned there being a FedEx “crew” on each flight, with flight attendants and pilots and crap, and they make announcements over the PA just like the commercial flights do. I know, it’s silly, but work with me here – just imagine a whole crew of flight attendants walking up and down the plane, making sure all the boxes and overnight letters are securely fastened in their spots, tray-tables up, locked and once the flight gets off the ground, they cater to the packages every need. I envisioned the flight attendants walking up and down the “aisle” saying things like “can I get you some peanuts?” and then dumping a bag of styrofoam peanuts onto the package. Or the pilot coming on the PA after they land and saying, “thank you very much for flying FedEx. We realize that you have a choice in overnight delivery cargo carriers, so we appreciate your choice to fly FedEx and hope you’ll be delivered overnight via FedEx again soon.” Yeah, I’m warped, but it killed a good amount of time and made me laugh until we got to the gate.

Upon returning home that night, I was glad to see that ESPN had live coverage of the Australian Open women’s tennis finals, yet another tilt between the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus. Those two are always good to watch, but the highlight of the night for me was the TV guy saying “well, Serena’s got some new balls and she’s ready to serve.” Heh. I could watch tennis 24 hours a day if the talking robots on TV keep saying stuff like that!