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Pretty solid interview with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco at the Filter magazine website. I’ve made a few attempts to contact Wilco for some Item Five treatment, but they never respond. I did mean to write-up the Wilco show I attended here in Boston last weekend, but I ended up not having time to write my expanded thoughts on it. At a high level, it was quite a good show. From bookend to bookend, the change in this band from 1995 to 2004 has obviously been a dramatic one, but an effective argument could be made that their live show has improved greatly over the years. Sometimes they’re a challenge, though. They’ll build up a significant amount of momentum, then just kill it with a song or two that never leaves first gear. They’re not necessarily bad songs, quite the contrary, it just delivers a brutal left hook to the vibe of the show – and I think that’s their intention, actually.

So, Martha’s now in jail. It’s like beating a dead horse, really, but every time I see this in the paper or TV, I can’t help but imagine a totally “done-up” cell, complete with tealights, burgendy curtains and soft carpeting. You know? It keeps making me laugh.

Allow me to geek for a minute. I’m jealous that I’m not attending The Web 2.0 Conference out in SF – that is quite a collection of brainpower over there. For those of you interested in the new economy, Jeff Jarvis has some great coverage from the conference.

For at least ten years now, I’ve shrugged off Rolling Stone as a magazine which had no redeeming value anymore as a music publication. It seemed to have turned into more of a fashion show, really. But work trips can do funny things to you. The last two times I’ve traveled, I’ve picked it up and stood at the newsstands and leafed through it and saw articles about music. Like – good music. Yesterday, I actually purchased it for the first time since who knows when. Color me impressed. Some solid writing on Johnny Ramone and two good interviews with John Edwards and Elvis Costello. I’m not subscibing just yet, but they’re on watch for me now for the first time in many many moons. I’m still way on board with Harp. Hard to beat them right now.

Monday kicks off the peak of our kitchen demolition. If anyone’s looking for a really cool, retro, clean, working old-school stove, let me know.

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