Mean, dressed-up coal miner?
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As evidenced by my fairly infrequent posting here lately, I have been involved a nearly month-long process for work that took up so much of my time and thoughts that it was simply overwhelming. I was dreaming about word documents, excel spreadsheets, presentations and anything else related to work. I barely did anything else, barely saw my wife, barely ate, barely everything. It ran the gamut of many emotions: excitement, frustration, impatience, exhaustion, satisfaction, exhilaration and finally, yesterday, the relief associated with closure. The project is over.

With that, I retreated to my hotel in NYC last night at about 11pm, placed the camera on top of my own head, set the timer and let ‘er fly. The look on my face says it all. This morning I woke up and felt like I’d lost 100 lbs. And I did – figuratively.