Over the weekend, Steph and I flew down to Philadelphia to visit some friends/family and get away for a couple of days. Two round trip tix from Manchester, NH to Philly – $150! It’s kind of sad to think that we have to pay to fly somewhere to get away from what seems like constant plans and overwhelming busy-ness. Anyway, part of the deal was that I bought four tickets to see the Philadelphia Phillies play the Cincinnati Reds at Citizens Bank Park, the new ballpark at the sports complex in Philly.

I really can’t explain it much, but a certain peace seems to come over me whenever I go to a major league park. It’s not just that I love watching baseball, either. I’m not really sure what it is. I just know when I get there and see the perfect grass, hear the thump! of a ball hitting a catcher’s mitt or the bat smacking a double down the left field corner, life is just……..good.

This was made even better by the fact that one of the people we attended the game with had another set of tickets – in one of the private suites! So after watching three innings amongst the commoners (I kid), we moved up to the suite, where there’s free food, beer, comfortable seats and one hell of a view of the field. You can see my leg there in the bottom right of the picture above. I’m chillin. The Reds won the game 12-4, but it wasn’t over until late when Griffey and Adam Dunn both hit monster shots that are probably still in the air over New Jersey somewhere.

Other than that, we did some sightseeing, some good eating, we watched Steph’s friend get her doctorate from Penn, we shopped, we lazed and we also checked out the Philadelphia Art Museum. All of this and more can be seen in the slideshow I’ve prepared just for you.

Some of my faves: picture #9 catches a dude meditating on the steps of the art museum. Numbers 17 & 18 are, respectively, the room where Congress first met and Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independance and the U.S. Constitution were signed. Heavy stuff, yo. We also visited the Liberty Bell. Some news for you on the Liberty Bell, kids: it has no historical significance. Really. I always thought there was some kind of event associated with the bell. There isn’t. It’s just a symbol, I guess. They’ve got a whole building devoted to the bell, including an airport-like security process to get through to it, and it’s just a bell that was built in such shoddy fashion that it cracked. Twice.

The tour itself claimed things such as, and I quote, “Perhaps the bell rang on that day…..” Perhaps! Anyway, a nice getaway, even if it was just Philadelphia.