The subject line of today’s post is a common saying in many businesses and walks of life. One idea, one product or one bout of good luck can turn one person (or one company’s) fortunes around. This is also a common saying in the music business. All it takes is one hit on the charts. Yesterday as I was driving to work I wondered about all the fabled “one hit wonders” in the music world, those bands who had a brief sip out of stardom’s crystal glass.

It was a quick thought, but the only question that really came out of it was “does it really only take one?” If I’m a musician and I have one large hit, am I set for life? Is there enough coming in where they don’t have to worry about money again? Is the guy who wrote “Brandy” from the 1970’s still enjoying the good life? Is Taco still awash in cash, sitting in a waterfront villa somewhere because of “Puttin’ On The Ritz?” What about Rockwell? Was the mid-’80s smash hit “Somebody’s Watching Me” the equivalent of hitting the jackpot?

Of course, in today’s music business it’s so much different – almost everybody is a one-hit wonder now because none of the big labels have a shred of musical integrity or the willingness to nurture a band for more than 12 minutes. But that’s beside the point.

Of course, financial irresponsibility probably derailed a lot of one-hit wonders, but help me out here – in general do you think these people are rich and living the good life today? I wonder.

Also: is it true that you can really unlock your car with a tennis ball?