Yes, I know the site looks a little screwed up. I changed the design and am having some small issues. Now I don’t have time to fix them and even if I did have time, I don’t think I’d be able to. I’ve designed myself into a corner. Sort of. It will be fixed one way or another soon or I’ll revert to the old page and start from scratch.

Day three of vacation found us having to give one of our sons a concoction made up of prune juice, apple juice and water (1 oz. of each). I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions as to why. Needless to say, the results were volcanic. And successful. I’ve never tried prune juice, actually. But I did the opportunity yesterday and I took a sip. Being such a big fan of figs, I figured it wouldn’t be as terrible as it sounds. I mean, just hearing the words “prune juice” makes people wrinkle their forehead. Anyway, it wasn’t bad! I won’t be buying any more, but it wasn’t as offensive as it sounds. I should create my own line of fig juice.

Posting is light during vacation……..that’s on purpose.