According to Ask Jeeves, toothpaste was invented over 5,000 years ago, and one of main ingredients of toothpaste, from that time 5,000 years ago until the early 1900s, was urine. Yes, pee. In your toothpaste. Apparantly it was a fine (and never-ending) source of amonia, which, as we know, is a wonderful cleaning substance. I wonder, though, who did they use as the source? Did they have a “pisser” on staff at the toothpaste plant? As odd and hideous as it seems, I would love to have a business card that had my job title listed as “pisser.” Or “UEO” – the Urine Executive Officer. The fun possibilites are endless – imagine what you could put on your resume.

I find it truly hilarious that Dionne Warwick was busted for marijuana. They found 11 joints in her lipstick case. I wish I made the bust! I was listening to Howard Stern on the way to work yesterday, and naturally, they were having a ball with this. The best line: “They asked Dionne Warwick to open her lipstick container and they found Whitney Houston in there.”