Jeff Copetas

Currently: VP of Web & Ecommerce, Avid Technology

My professional passion is Ecommerce/Digital experiences and I’ve been at it now for, gosh, 25 years. I’ve been creating content and attempting creativity in one form or another since around sixth grade, when I wrote a book that completely ripped off the A-Team. I’ve utilized that creativity throughout my career, from running my own record label to nine years at (a top 10 U.S. Internet property), to six years as VP of Marketing & E-Commerce for Pure Hockey, a 55-store retail chain and currently leading the Ecommerce & Web team at Avid Technology since 2017. I’m a creator, business person, marketer, photographer, hockey player, music fanatic and father of twin teenage boys.

Other Fun Stuff You May Not Know About Me

I was standing about 5 feet from Blue Jays dugout in the 3rd base TV camera area when Joe Carter hit the home run to win the 1993 World Series – and even got to celebrate in the locker room with them afterwards. A picture of my right arm was in Sports Illustrated.
The day after my college graduation, I met and worked for Oprah Winfrey for 5 days on a freelance TV production assignment, traveling from Chicago to Philadelphia to film shows. She served me breakfast on an airplane and personally signed my check.
I worked for VH1 for their coverage the Rock-and-Roll Hall Of Fame opening. I gave Al Green a ride in a golf cart, was face-to-face with Johnny Cash, saw Bob Dylan teaching Tom Petty songs and witnessed an epic temper tantrum by Chrissie Hynde.
About Jeff Copetas

In 1995, I took a 12,000 mile, 3 week drive around the perimeter of the USA.

About Jeff Copetas

I was Boston Bruins season ticket holder for 11 years. My first season they won the Cup.

About Jeff Copetas

I’m a huge music fan. Love all kinds. Connect with me on Spotify.

About Jeff Copetas

Really love a good podcast. Smartless, Maron, Armchair Expert and more.