About Schmidt is an early contender for my favorite film of 2003. Since it just came out and a lot of people seemingly want to see it, I won’t say much else except this: I absolutly love movies that don’t follow the standard protocol of “introduction-problem-solution.” That’s all. This was a great, great film, and most definitely Jack Nicholson’s best role in, say, 20 years or so.

I witnessed some beautiful irony at he gym this morning: a man working out with a bright red “Marlboro Cigarettes” sweatshirt on. Classic.

I finally got Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head, and it’s every bit as good as everyone’s been saying it is. I couldn’t get into Coldplay when they first came out, but one day I heard the song “Yellow” and I just kinda flipped out and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t into them from the get-go. This album is a bit more etheral – it lacks some of the drop-dead catchiness of the last album, but it’s still every bit as satisfying to listen to.

The TouchGraph Google Browser is pretty interesting. You can enter a URL and it shows you what the web “looks like” from Google’s perspective, visually displaying the links between your favorite web sites, etc. This is a small screenshot of the graph I ran for RustedRobot.com. Pretty cool.